Multi-commodity portfolio

The WRE enitities hold highly prospective portfolio of exploration properties, predominantly in the Witwatersrand Basin (stratigraphic column), South Africa. The WRE-Harmony JV project is at an advanced stage, progressing towards pre-feasibility.

12 projects cover a total of 2,061km2, with the majority at an advanced regulatory stage of approval. Our properties are supported by excellent infrastructure with many adjacent to operating mines or underutilised major mining infrastructure.

The proximity of tenements to producing mines and exploration companies renders opportunities for affiliations and joint ventures enhancing company opportunities.

A total of 17 commodities have been granted for most of the tenement areas. In addition, two gas applications have been accepted by the Petroleum Association of South Africa (PASA).

Wits_Stratigraphic Column

The above gold zones (reefs) also contain uranium as a by-product.

1 Gold Ore
2 Uranium Ore
3 Silver Ore
4 Sulphur
5 Diamonds (Alluvial)
6 Rare Earths
7 Platinum Group Metals
8 Coal
9 Cobalt Ore
10 Copper Ore
11 Lead Ore
12 Zinc Ore
13 Nickel Ore
14 Molybdenum Ore
15 Tungsten Ore
16 Manganese Ore
17 Iron Ore


In addition, a TCP for gas over Kroonstad and Ventersburg has been awarded.