White Rivers Exploration has two unique borehole databases, i.e. gold / uranium and coal, with a combined total of over 3, 200 boreholes and drill data either on or surrounding the properties, providing the capability to fast track priority projects and facilitate resource estimation.

Number of Boreholes within Tenements and Buffers
Motherholes 595
Deflections 825
Total 1,420
  • The valuation of boreholes only contained within the tenements and buffer amounts to USD 186 million
  • An additional 1,813 motherholes not included on WRE tenements
  • Total number of motherholes: 2,408
  • WRE’s complete gold database – estimated value if replicated USD 559 million
  • WRE exclusive ownership (excluding JV underground drilling info)
    • 21 borehole sources
    • Boreholes contained in secure access database and in Geographic Information System (GIS)
    • On-going QA/QC performed
White Rivers Coal Borehole Database
215 boreholes in project areas (103 with analyses)